We realised that, until now, there is no directory of aviation fuel locations that is complete, moderated and easy to use. REFUELL makes it far easier for all pilots to plan refuelling, especially over long trips.
REFUELL's data is used by 1000's of active pilots every week so has the greatest chance of being correct. It is the same data that feeds Helipaddy, the world's largest database of helicopter landing sites, which means it caters for both helicopter and fixed-wing operations
REFUELL is in beta whilst we test a few bells and whistles. This version is UK only but we expect to roll out other regions soon. We currenly have information on JetA1, Avgas and Mogas.
COMPLETE REFUELL aims to include not only public licensed airfields but also provate airfields and helipads that can supply fuel.
MODERATED REFUELL cross-check around 50 locations every day and received 100's of pilot reports and corrections.
EASY TO USE REFUELL is the only comprehensive fuel database that works across all the fuel providers. A simple map makes it easy to find fuel quickly. Concentric rings show 100nm, 200nm and 300nm.
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